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North Wales Eye Specialist Centre

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Services to support you


Clouding of your lens that obscures vision

Cornea & external eye disease

Disease of the surface of the eye and the cornea


Removal of Lumps and Bumps. Procedures to correct drooping, inward or outward turning of the eyelid


Elevation of the pressure of the eye that can damage your optic nerve and thereby your visual field

Minor lid conditions

Removal of small lumps and Bumps


Disease at the back of the eye requiring surgery like detached retina or bleeding at the back of the eye

Medical Retina

Pathology that affects functioning of the retina caused by various factors including age and diseases that affect blood circulation of the eye

Refractive surgery

Laser surgery to correct refractive errors


Procedure to control pressure and treat clouding of vision post cataract surgery

North Wales
Eye Specialist Centre

We Preserve, Enhance, and Protect Your Vision

NWESC is a private provider comprising of four directors. The company was formed to offer comprehensive and professional eye care. We believe in providing the highest quality of care to our patients The Eye unit opened its doors to the public on 6th June 2022.

We were honoured to have Mr. Darren Miller, Member of Senedd and Mr.Charlie Mc.Coubrey, Mayor of Abergele to celebrate our First anniversary of the opening of our Eye unit in June 2023.

NWESC is a fully comprehensive service providing, glaucoma, cataract, retinal , cornea , Vitreo Retinal and oculoplastics assessment and treatment.
We offer Cataract, Glaucoma , Cornea and Oculoplastic surgery at our premises. We also provide treatment for wet AMD and other minor operative procedures.

We will be commencing Corneal surgeries and Vitreo retinal surgeries in the early part of 2024.
We have established connections with Laser Vison Portsmouth to provide refractive laser treatment for our patients.







The Team

Our team Comprises of 4 surgeons, offering comprehensive cataract surgery. In addition, we have a specialist each, in glaucoma, medical retina, vitreo-retinal and oculoplastic surgery. Mr. Mathews and Mrs. Mathews are consultants working at the Stanley eye unit, Abergele hospital.

As the lead medical retina consultant, Mr. Mathews manages the medical retina service at Stanley Eye unit. The unit is well renowned for its macular service having won the RNIB award for patient choice in providing macular service in 2017.

The glaucoma service, which is the leading centre for providing non-penetrating glaucoma surgery, viscocanalostomy, for the management of glaucoma, in the United Kingdom, is run by Mrs. Mathews at the Stanley eye unit.

Mr. S Cazabon is a well renowned consultant from the Countess of Chester hospital providing vitreo-retinal procedures. Mr. J Bhargava, also from Countess of Chester Hospital, provides excellent and Comprehensive oculoplastic services.

North Wales
Eye Specialist Centre



“Thank you for your expertise and saving my sight”


“Consultation and subsequent procedures were painless and
actually quite an enjoyable experience.”


“I will always remember the skill and overwhelming kindness and concern shown to me when I had my cataract surgery done.”


“Excellent care and attention at all times”



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